Registration for First and Second Grade

This 8 week program is an extension of the introductory program with the main goal to have fun, while introducing and strengthening several basketball skills. The program is designed with a skill teach, skill practice, skill game concept. The coaches will teach a skill, allow the kids to practice that skill in small groups, and then compete in a fun game to bring the skill to life.

We introduce several skills at this level, including passing, dribbling, shooting, defensive stance and triple threat position. We also start to introduce the language of the sport, including terms like, offense, defense, out of bounds, in bounds, double dribble, foul, backboard, referee, baseline, sideline, etc. We believe it is important that kids understand the language of the sport, as much as they do the skill set required to play.

We do not play any 5x5 games at this level; however the kids will be playing a good amount of 3x3, in an effort to develop skills and have an adequate amount of ball touches per game. We do use basketballs at this level, but they are smaller and lighter than regulation balls, and we lower the hoops.

Practices: TBD night during the week or Saturday mornings; starts after Thanksgiving

Fee: $50 ($10 discount for siblings participating in any level of Berlin Youth Basketball)
There is a family cap of $250.00.

Fill Out Form and Mail Payment To: Berlin Youth Basketball P.O. Box 70 Berlin, MA 01503